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At Alatsas & Taub, we understand that marriage annulment process can get quite complicated at times.  In most cases, couples would seek annulment if they have just been married for a short time and need to regain their marital status.  This calls for a well informed judicial process. In that case, if you need to proceed with annulling your marriage and are looking for the best Brooklyn annulment lawyer we at Alatsas & Taub are more than ready to offer you the kind of quality service you need.

At Alatsas & Taub, We Oversee all The Legal Processes

We shall ensure that we oversee all the legal processes to the letter and achieve the success of getting your marriage annulled. Marriage annulment can be complicated. Ideally, an annulled marriage never happened unlike the case is for divorce where the marriage was discontinued and the records clearly show that.

Annulment Lawyers with a Track Record of Success

You might be wondering why we are the best. One of the most definitive elements of our level of competence is the kind of success we have gotten from previous cases.we have handled hundreds of annulment cases successfully.  All of our Brooklyn annulment lawyers have a thorough understanding of the annulment laws and therefore can help you through this process. The third element that sets us apart from our competition is the level of interest out lawyers express in which ever case we handle.

Whether you are seeking to annul the marriage due to family issues, mental incapacitation of the other party, underage marriage or any other case for that matter, we are all dedicated to offer you the best.

Need an Annulment?

Even if you are filing an annulment case and there are children are involved, there is no need to worry because all our lawyers have experience in all annulment situations. There is no need to worry because our legal team knows too well how to work such matter out.  We believe that children born in marriage are entitled to parental protection and care even if divorce or annulment comes in the way. We would do all we can to ensure that justice is not only served to you but also for your children.  If there are any properties issues that you might need to sort out during the legal process, our Brooklyn annulment lawyer might also be a great help to you. Trust us to offer you the best quality and personalized legal service.


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