How to Win Your Personal Injury Case

The typical personal injury lawsuit is settled in private negotiations between personal injury lawyers and the insurance company adjusters. Insurance adjusters play a powerful role in the settlement process. Their job is to secure releases and settle claims at minimum cost. Often, they prefer to settle claims rather than go to trial; and it can be a favorable negotiation when the injured party has a competent Brooklyn personal injury lawyer.

How to Proceed After an Accident

The following strategies can help substantiate claims and produce larger settlements for personal injury cases.

•    Ask for Assistance. When you are seriously injured you should never try and move around or get up. If necessary, request an ambulance to take you to the hospital. Leaving the scene could be detrimental, and the defendant may assert that your injuries could have been aggravated or caused at any time.

•    See a Doctor Immediately. Ask the doctor to document your injuries in a written report. A doctor’s visit can help prove that the accident caused an injury or worsened an earlier injury. The longer the time between the date of the accident and the date the doctor sees you, the more difficult it sometimes is to prove the accident caused your injury.

•    Avoid discussing your case with anyone other than your attorney, and never minimize your injuries. Statements such as “I’m okay,” and “It doesn’t hurt that bad,” can reduce the value of a claim.

•    Take Color Photographs. Do this immediately. Take photographs after any accident to prove the extent of your injuries. Untouched pictures are admissible evidence in court. Long after those bruises, cuts or broken bones have healed the pictures will still demonstrate the injuries at their worst and provide a story of pain and suffering.

•    Document all medical expenses and your actual damages. Proper substantiation of the damages will greatly increase the amount of money offered in settlement or after a jury verdict.

•    Speak to Brooklyn personal injury lawyers immediately. Adjusters know settlements for valid claims must be paid to avoid those expensive trials. Unrepresented claimants are usually unaware of all the damages they are entitled.

Every day, people are injured while going to or from work, on-the-job accidents, or even accidents at home. In many instances, damages are recoverable under several legal principles and victims will never know how much a case is worth until they consult a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer.

To speak with an experienced Brooklyn personal injury lawyer, contact Alatsas & Taub.

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