Construction Accident Lawsuits

Accidents happen on the job. In the world of construction, that is just something that happens. However, it is also important for the construction company to properly take care of its workers and ensure the utmost safety of every individual on the scene. This, sadly, isn’t always the case and there are times where the injured worker must take the situation into their own hands.

Instead of allowing the construction company, or worse, the company’s lawyer, attempt to dictate terms of the injury, it is necessary for the individual to seek out professional Brooklyn personal injury lawyers. These lawyers allow the individual to have proper representation and ensure the individual is always taken care of their best interests looked out for.

Get the Most out of Your Construction Accident Injury Settlement

Many times, when a worker is injured the construction company attempts to off an initial deal and force a settlement, in exchange for the person giving up their rites to sue the company. However, these initial settlements are almost never in the best interest of the injured party, but instead the company itself. Due to this, Brooklyn personal injury lawyers are able to give the individual their best bet at receiving what is rightfully due to them. They did not ask to be injured on the job, and the loss of work does not help provide for them or their families. Brooklyn personal injury lawyers make sure this is taken care of.

Typically, an initial offer comes in from the at fault party, which is at most an amount to possibly cover the medical expenses. This, however, is nowhere close to what the amount should be. The loss of wages, plus pain and suffering must also be included in the settlement amount. The pain and suffering includes compensation for the inability to perform daily activities and enjoy life as they original use to.

How a Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer Could Help You

The Brooklyn personal injury lawyers at Alatasas & Taub provide free consultation, in order to look over the case and determine what the proper settlement should entail. From there, they are able to proceed with the case and make sure everything is properly taken care of and the rightful amount is gone after for the injured worker. It is important the individual receives the best representation, or the construction company is, more likely than not, just going to walk over them. A personal injury lawyer makes sure this never happens and protects the victim’s rights.

Contact the New York personal injury lawyers at Alatsas & Taub today if you were injured in a construction accident. Call now for a free consultation.

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