Common Personal Injuries During Winter

In winter certain types of injuries are sadly common. It’s not just snowboarders and skiers getting hurt either. Every year people like you are hurt in various winter accidents. Breaks, muscle injuries, and car accidents are just some issues you may come across.


Broken bones are some of the most common injuries you’ll see in winter. Some of the more common breaks include wrists, ankles, and the tailbone. According to a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer, slip and fall accidents cause most of these injuries.

Some cases are purely due to personal error but other cases are due to another’s negligence. For example, if a local store lets ice collect on its steps. Brooklyn personal injury lawyers would tell you that you should be compensated.

Muscle Injuries

In some cases a bad fall may not break a bone but it still does severe damage. Muscle injuries can linger for years. For example, if you hurt your back the associated aches and pains can severely limit your personal enjoyment and even your profession. If injured go to a doctor, muscle injuries are not to be ignored.

Car Accidents

Driving during the winter in rough conditions is a challenging proposition. The ice and snow can make any New York road a hazard. Winter auto accidents are common because of this. If you’re injured in an auto accident after reporting it to the local police and visiting with your physician your next step is call a personal injury attorney. They will tell you that whether or not people are responsible for safe operation of a motor vehicle.

What To Do If You’re Hurt

You should consider getting a personal injury attorney when your injuries are caused the negligence of others. A thing such as an icy sidewalk in front of a business that wasn’t cleaned properly is negligence. Businesses are legally required to keep their properties safe for customers. Negligence doesn’t just apply to private businesses but also public lands. A city or town can be held accountable if their public properties are not safely maintained and cause you injuries. Examples of this can include public parking lots and streets.

If you’ve been the victim of a personal injury, the Brooklyn personal injury lawyers at Alatsas & Taub can help. Call us at 917-310-5191 or fill out contact form.

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