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Few – if any – marital relationships can survive when one spouse questions the loyalty of the other. While a university study revealed that men cheat at higher rates than women, data is starting to show that infidelity by females is catching up to their male counterparts. If you or someone you know is asking him or herself whether or not a partner is cheating, it is more than likely than not something is “off” in the relationship. But going from a gut-instinct to proving actual adultery may actually take some work, especially if your spouse is skilled at covering up the affair(s).

Infidelity: Becoming More Commonplace

According to data put together by The Normal Bar, as much as 33 percent of men and 19 percent of women questioned admitted to being unfaithful to their significant other. Notably, those questioned differentiated the impact of a single, one-night stand over several years of marriage with a regular pattern of sexual infidelity. More than 40 percent of those questioned admitted the betrayal happened on a consistent basis.

The best approach in these circumstances is to hope for the best, but to be mentally and emotionally prepared for the worst. Below are some steps that can be taken seek proof that a spouse has had an extramarital affair.

  1. Look for behavioral changes: if your spouse is staying later than usual at work, dressing differently, or coming home with a different fragrance than the one he or she left with, it is important to start cataloging these changes to keep a record.
  2. Talk to his or her friends/co-workers: testimony – in written or verbal form: from others that have seen your spouse in a romantic relationship with another can provide legitimate evidence of infidelity.
  3. Do a physical search: other items that are not part of your relationship (i.e. birth control or condoms found when a hysterectomy or other sterilization procedure has occurred) as well as finding physical evidence of an extramarital affair such as lipstick on a shirt help to further prove the actions of an unfaithful spouse.
  4. Do an electronics search: cell phone records that show lots of calls or texts to a particular number, and at strange hours, can help to prove a suspicion of infidelity. The same is true for a history of inappropriate website searches, subscriptions to dating organizations, social media profiles and other electronic footprints that can prove betrayal. It is not uncommon for unfaithful spouses to have multiple social media profiles, cell phones, or other hidden accounts.
  5. Hire a private investigator: a third party following a spouse and capturing video and/or photos of a paramour in an intimate setting with or without displays of affection can often shed any doubt of whether or not cheating has in fact happened.

Brooklyn Divorce Attorneys with Experience

Experienced Brooklyn divorce attorneys can help you to figure out the next steps should you feel that your spouse may be cheating. The reasons behind someone’s failure to remain faithful can vary. Factors such as diminished communication, loss of affection, dwindled physical attraction, financial stress, or even the simple busy nature of life are all things that can contribute to the desire to stray outside of marriage. Therefore, sometimes even otherwise happy couples become vulnerable to infidelity. If you or someone you know may be facing divorce due to infidelity, contact compassionate and seasoned Brooklyn divorce attorneys right away to learn about your rights and obligations under state law.

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