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New York  Divorce Lawyers – Contact Alatsas & Taub

Looking for a New York divorce lawyer can be complicated especially when you take into account the high levels of emotion you’re usually feeling during this life changing time. Putting emotions aside, it’s important to be objective and find a New York divorce lawyer that will provide you with the settlement and outcome you’re looking for. Some qualities to consider include:


A lawyer who is passive and doesn’t have the confidence to make the demands you’re asking them to won’t be able to achieve much of what you’re looking for. You want a lawyer that is proactive and has your best interests in mind rather than taking the easier way out.

Negotiating Techniques

While it’s sometimes important for a divorce lawyer to stand firm in their requests there are other times when negotiating will need to take place in order to come to an agreement and move on to the next item. When going through a divorce the process should be painless and quick as not to drag it out and hurt the involved parties even further. Sometimes a compromise is necessary and a good New York divorce lawyer will know how and when to negotiate.

Family Experience

Many people going through a divorce have children which complicates the process quite a bit. The lawyer you choose should have experience with clients that have families. This will ensure that custody agreements, child support and visitation rules are all covered properly, with success and without manipulating the children involved.


The top New York divorce lawyers will be available to their clients when they need them. A lot of questions typically arise as the process goes on and it’s imperative that a client can reach their lawyer easily.


Along with hourly rates some other charges may sometimes apply that include fees, forms and phone calls. The process of a divorce can be costly but a good lawyer will work with your budget and help you keep costs down whenever possible.


Nobody wants a lawyer who will tell them what they want to hear instead of being honest. It’s important for a client to remain educated and aware throughout the process so they can be prepared for items that may need to be discussed as well as the final outcome. The process of divorce sets a person up to plan their future and an honest, straightforward lawyer will help their client do so.

When tension is running high because of divorce, a top notch New York divorce lawyer will help put their client’s minds at ease by effectively and successfully negotiate the outcome. While emotions will still be hurt at the end of the day your lawyer can help ease the burden of the many items that need to be discussed and agreed upon.


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