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Are you and your spouse fighting over finances?  Have your disagreements about debts or the management of assets become frustrating to the point that you are considering divorce?  When couples become overwhelmed with financial stress it commonly leads to divorce, but it doesn’t have to.  Postnuptial agreements are a positive way to work through financial issues without resorting to divorce. A postnuptial agreement is a legal agreement between two people already joined by marriage or civil union, usually assigning financial obligation and responsibility to specified individuals at the relief of their partner. We can help you understand your options and the solutions available to you and your spouse through postnuptial agreements.

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Alatsas & Taub, Brooklyn Post Nuptial Agreement Lawyers have the legal knowledge and expertise necessary to mediate sensitive marital conflicts. Our careful consideration of the economic and legal implications of each point of conflict offers our clients the opportunity to objectively consider their options and proceed with a postnuptial agreement that provides long lasting marital conflict resolution. Divorce is costly and emotionally destructive to all involved. When children are part of the picture, divorce can be devastating. We will work with you to create postnuptial agreements that will keep your family together while working through the tough issues.

Examples of issues resolved through Post Nuptial Agreements:

  • Responsibility for business ownership, including debt and profit

  • Home and property ownership

  • Debts incurred during or before the marriage

  • Assets bequeathed to children from a previous marriage

  • Individual monthly budgets

Through the process of mediation for a postnuptial agreement, couples may find that lifestyle issues, such as spending habits or visits from in-laws, are also points of contention. These issues can be discussed and resolved, whether through written or non-written agreement under the advisement of a Brooklyn Post Nuptial Agreement Lawyer. When a spouse has made bad financial decisions in the past or seriously wronged their spouse, postnuptial agreements can offer good faith and provide security to the wronged spouse, alleviating anxiety and tension that may otherwise lead to divorce.

Postnuptial agreements can also be used to update or revise prenuptial agreements. No one can know what the future will hold, thus prenuptial agreements often become outdated or insufficient as marriages progress. Alatsas & Taub, Brooklyn Post Nuptial Agreement Lawyers can help you reevaluate your prenuptial agreement while taking into consideration current circumstances.

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